From a painting :Alberta Landscape

From a painting :Alberta Landscape

This small acoustic only song was written in Alberta It belongs in selection of similar tracks which were mastered and which I have misplaced I may try to relocate them About the words: there were lots of people in Alberta who had come from very different places and who often spoke of the how good it had been 'back there last year' 

I came across the following words this morning March 6th 2019 They were written in 1997 when I was preparing to put together most of the lyrics I had written during my stay in a trailer park in Olds Alberta  


Alberta is a flat place where you can drive your clean and powerful car along rough roads for miles and come to fast flowing rivers, which pound down from icy foothills, and you are surprised not to find big brown bears munching roots by the side of them. 

Alberta has slushy streets and drive-ins and is scattered about with English people who think everybody should have hair cuts, like they did in the R.A.F during the war. 

And there are Americans there, with huge feet and hands, who wear thick red shirts and go out at weekends to shoot moose and other animals to use for stews; and if you are really unfortunate they ask you over to share it 

Alberta is a place where, if you are not very careful, you begin to drink a whole load of alcohol and pick up hundreds of cold, stray cats and dogs which people seem to chuck out in the snow when winter comes. 

Alberta is also a place where people go to classes to learn to read quickly in the hope of being seen as clever and efficient Some of them have illicit sex on classroom floors because they work so late into the night. 

Alberta is very sunny and has nice barns and poor Indians